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Coronavirus Update (4/1/2020)

Telemedicine Visits (speak to a provider about a medical problem from the comfort of your home)

At Blue Ridge Pediatrics, your child and your family's health and safety are of utmost importance. In an effort to continue to serve your family's healthcare needs while minimizing unnecessary exposure risks, the physicians at Blue Ridge Pediatrics are now offering telemedicine visits to our patients based on the list of conditions below.  Please call our office at (919)-782-0021 to request a telemedicine visit appointment with one of our providers. These visits will be scheduled during regular office hours. We may determine during the telemedicine visit that your child needs to be evaluated in person by a medical provider and will notify you if that is determined to be the case.

Telemedicine visits CAN be used for:

Mental health (ADHD, depression, anxiety), Some rashes (diaper rash, acne, eczema), Asthma (continued maintenance care NOT current flares), Constipation, Pink eye, Allergies, Diarrhea, Obesity treatment and prevention

Telemedicine visits CANNOT used for:

Regular well-child checkups, Breathing difficulties (cough, wheezing, shortness of breath), Unspecified fussiness, Abdominal pain, Chest pain, Throat pain, Headaches

Telemedicine visits for other symptoms may be available and are at the discretion of the provider.

As COVID-19 spreads through communities, we urge everyone to continue to practice good hand washing and social distancing. The ultimate goal is to minimize spread of the virus.


Clinic Changes

As of Tuesday March 17, 2020, we made the following changes to our clinic schedules.  Well visits, ADHD checks, and behavioral health visits are scheduled in the morning before 12:30 pm.  Some patients with concerns such as rashes and injuries, may also be seen before 12:30 pm

Patients with a COUGH or FEVER, will be directed to our triage nurse to discuss appropriate care.  In most situations, if you child has mild cough and congestion symptoms, the best initial treatment is home care and self-quarantine.

We continue to urge you to PLEASE limit family members who come with the patient to our office.

We do NOT have testing in our office for COVID-19.

If your child has been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or travelled to any geographic areas that have been significantly impacted by COVID-19 in the past 30 days and have a cough or fever, then please call the following number.

NC DHHS COVID Hotline: 1-866-462-3821

We are committed to helping you and your family through this unprecedented time.  Please call with us any questions.

Also visit the CDC website at https://www.cdc.gov/coronaviru... for more information.

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