Children's ADHD Treatment

Children's ADHD Treament in Raleigh NC.

Approximately 9.5 percent of American children are afflicted with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Although the term ADD (attention-deficit disorder) is still occasionally used, it is now considered by the medical community to be too broad.

While all children may at some point have trouble sitting still or paying attention, those with ADHD have a chemical imbalance within the brain that presents as a persistent and debilitating pattern of behavior. These behaviors can include inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. The diagnosis is made based on the child's age and developmental level and his or her symptoms. The symptoms must be present in a variety of settings, and must interfere with daily life.'


Those with inattentive ADHD are often easily distracted, forgetful and tend to ignore those who are speaking directly to them. They typically do not follow instructions, cannot stay organized and misplace items easily. This is the subtype that still occasionally receives the "ADD" label. Hyperactive or impulsive children are excessively "busy" - they talk constantly, squirm or get up from their seats, interrupt others and cannot focus on quiet play or activities such as silent reading. Some children display symptoms of all three subtypes.

Treatment for ADHD

Treating ADHD can look different for each person. Most commonly, it’s found that maintaining a strict routine can help ease some of the symptoms that your child may struggle with. This helps to reduce distractions and can help your child stay organized and functional in their daily life.

Another method that could work is behavioral therapy. There are methods that you can learn to handle certain behaviors that your child may display and certain strategies that you can incorporate into their life so that you can easily manage dealing with difficult situations that could be brought on by ADHD.

Depending on your child, their pediatrician may also recommend medication. There are different types of medication that your child may be able to take and these help to reduce symptoms like inattention and hyperactivity. This can help your child focus and be able to pay attention in different situations.

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